Launch of Express-AM6

October 22, 2014 On October 22, 2014 Intersputnik’s strategic partner Russian Satellite Communications Company added a heavy spacecraft named Express-AM6 to its satellite fleet at 53°E.
This Russian satellite was built by Reshentnev Information Satellite Systems in cooperation with MDA (Canada) and Radio Research Institute (Russia) to continue implementing the Federal Special-Purpose Program for the Development of Video and Radio Broadcasting in the Russian Federation in 2009–2015.
Express-AM6 carries 72 transponders in C, Ku, Ka, and и L bands with a total resource of over 2,700 MHz. The satellite will provide broadband access, affordable digital broadcasting, and triple-play services as well as help support the existing VSAT networks and install new ones. Express-AM8 will contribute to closer international cooperation in the field of satellite telecommunications in Europe, Africa, and the Near East.
Express-AM6 is scheduled to be brought into use on July 1, 2015 after its testing is completed.
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