Intersputnik to take part in СSТВ 2012

January 16, 2012 On February 7-9, 2012 Intersputnik will take part jointly with Intersputnik Holding Ltd. and Eutelsat (France) in the 14th international exhibition and conference СSТВ 2012 (Crocus Expo exhibition center, , hall 1, room 1, booth 117).

In the first quarter 2013, its is planned to launch the ABS-2 satellite to 75°E, where ABS-1 is currently operated. ABS-2 will carry C, Ku and Ка payload covering the whole of Russia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The satellite will broadcast video and audio programs, provide multimedia and broadband services. In the territory of Russia, reception will become consistent in the center and the southern part of the country.

Intersputnik makes available to its customers the resource of telecommunications satellites located in the geostationary orbit from 3°W to 183°W, Via its subsidiary Intersputnik Holding Ltd., Intersputnik offers full-scale services for the deployment and operation of satellite telecommunications networks.

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